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Document Title Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy
Author Rodolfo Noel S. Quimbo
Document Description This document is part of the series “Primers for the Information Economy, Society and Policy”. It expounds on the requirements for shaping legislation to support the information economy.
Date published May 2003
Language English
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Contact information http://www.fit-ed.org/easean; http://www.eprimers.apdip.net/series

Document Title Understanding… Cyberspace
Author Villafuerte, Nelly F.
Document Description This book includes legal issues, rules, trivia, latest trends and stories of hacking in cyberspace. It includes basic information on e-Commerce, Internet Technology and a commentary of e-Commerce Law. Also included in the appendices portion are twenty-two (22) legal issuances relating to IT, Internet (including the e-Commerce Law and its implementing rules and regulations) to provide a handy reference guide to the readers. This book is primarily for all those who are curious and interested to understand the rules of cyberspace.
Date published 2001
Language English
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Contact information (632) 551-3058/551-8855
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