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 To the applicant:

This admission shall not be acted upon unless the following documents and fees are received by the Institute.

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree, preferably in journalism or communication, for A.B./B.S.., major in English, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Business Management or Education, an additional 12 units in journalism or communication in the graduate program are required
  • Undergraduate degree in any course and at least two (2) years experience in any communication-related job
  • Passing pre-admission requirements such as (s) admission test; (b) evidence of high scholastic performance (B+ or better); (c) transcript of records; and
  • Evidence through two letters of recommendation from past professors and/or employers of goals, or result-orientedness and commitment to the journalism and communication management profession

For Transferees

In addition to the above requirements, transferees shall be required to earn seventy-five (75%) of the total number of units at AIJC

For Foreign Students

In addition to the requirements above, foreign students should present the following documents:

  • Certificate of Eligibility and Study Program Permit from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  • Copy of Alien Certification of Registration
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