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Organization of the Different Collections

The cataloging system utilized by the library for its book collections is the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The book collections are given different categories like Reserve Collection, Reference Collection, Filipiniana Collection, General Collection and Theses

The periodicals section includes the Periodical Collections, the fugitive materials, and the Vertical Files. The organization of a database library is gradually taking the place of the conventional organization of the AIJC library materials.

To date, a total of 3,500 volumes have been encoded in the database utilizing the ARALIN program which can be used in either Dos or Windows setup.

Reserve Collection (Local and Foreign)

The Reserve Collection consists of textbooks and other references recommended by faculty members as required readings for the courses. Some materials are placed on reserve based on the frequency with which they are requested by the library clients. Latest editions of journalism and communication books, including related disciplines will be found in this section.

General Collection

General Collection This section is also called Circulation Books. Shelved in this section are the foreign books which are placed on open shelves. They constitute the bulk of the Library's book collection.


This collection consists of materials written by and about Filipinos, by foreigners and published in the Philippines, foreign books which include articles written by Filipinos, or published materials which are about the Philippines.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection consists of general materials such as encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories, yearbooks, indexes, bibliographies, and others which fall under the same category.

Periodicals Collection

These materials consist of mass communication journals, serials, newsletters, local and foreign.

Vertical Files Collection

These collections include mass communication materials, general information files, local and foreign conference papers dealing in communication, journalism and distance learning education.

Audio Visual Materials Collection

The collection consists of sound recordings like Ampex, U-matic, Cassette Tapes, Video Recordings like VHS, BETA and CD-ROMS.

AIJC Publications Collection

These materials are shelved in the Filipiniana section. Many of these titles have been disseminated to communication students and used as references for their courses. Visit our AIJC Publication

Theses Collection

These are masteral theses submitted by students of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication as requirements for graduation.

AIJC Professor's Book Collection

Selected Rare Book Collections of Dr. Florangel Rosario-Braid.

AIJC Studies Collection

These studies are a collection of projects done by the AIJC project staff and professors

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